Why Choose Rada?

First, a word from the owner of Rada Auto, Mr. Tom Tkaczyk...

 Thank you for considering Rada Auto for your needs.  We greatly appreciate it.  We look forward to providing you with the kind of service you really want from an auto repair shop.  We have a great family of loyal customers that have come to depend on us.

Here are the main reasons to choose our shop:

  • Our roots go back to 1982, when Mike Rada, Tom's grandfather,  started Rada Auto at the original location on Pulaski Ave in Chicago. Our company prides itself on providing friendly customer service and expert service, just as we would to anyone in our family.  We want to give you a great experience when it comes to car repair and maintenance.
  • We are a NAPA Auto Care Center.  This means our company meets the code of ethics that NAPA sets forth for its auto care centers.  It also means that we are connected to a supplier that provides the best auto repair and maintenance parts for your vehicles.
  • Our Service is guaranteed!  Most companies only offer 90 days or 6 months of guarantee on their work.  We believe in our work and our choices for the parts and fluids used in our repairs.  That's why we give you a full 2 years or 24,000 mile warranty on qualified car repairs, backed by nationwide warranty that's good at over 14,000 NAPA Auto Care locations.  Now, that's confidence in our work!
  • Our Technical Staff is very qualified.  Our technicians have years of experience and are trained and certified.
  • We are a full service auto repair shop.  We can provide every auto repair and maintenance service from full engine replacements to routine oil change services and tires.
  • Same Day service for most repairs and maintenance.  We realize the importance of having transportation.  So, we make every effort possible to get your car back to you as soon as possible.  Our goal is always to get it back to you the same day.  Obviously, there are some situations and repairs that require more than one day.  In those cases, we help arrange a rental car at a discount.
  • Best Quality Parts and Fluids. While many shops cut every corner they can to increase their profits, we don't sacrifice your safety and peace of mind with inferior products.  Our experience tells us that when we do this, we lose customers.  This is because they come back because of problems.  We know you demand the work done right and you want to depend on it.  We do this by using the very best parts and fluids for your auto repairs and maintenance.
  • Strong investment into equipment.  Having the right equipment is extremely important.  It allows us to complete the diagnosis and repair your car properly.  Other auto repair shops that don't use the right equipment often resort to just replacing parts until the problem is fixed.  This results in unnecessary come-backs, and added expense to you when those unneeded parts cannot be returned to the vendors.
  • We are nice people too.  We are a family run business that strives to treat each customer like family too.  Come in soon and you will see how helpful, and how easy we are to deal with.



Being a NAPA Auto Care Center provides many benefits to our customers

  • It provides us with the quality of parts and fluids we need to repair and service your vehicles fast.  Usually within just a few minutes of ordering them they are delivered to our shop.  This translates into your car being serviced and returned to you as fast as possible.

It provides us with some of the best quality parts and fluids available.  The quality of parts and fluids vary quite a bit in the auto repair industry.  Lesser quality parts usually cost more in the long run because of shorter life and returns to replace the part again.  This means your car is more reliable and safer because of higher quality parts and fluids.